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Digital Display Screens

A lot of technology has gone into the development of digital display screens over the past few months and we are ready to take your company’s marketing to a new level by pioneering this revolution.

Only the highest resolution screens are used for indoor and outdoor advertising and screen size is only limited by client budget. From mall information touch screens to large unmanned information centres, we have expertly supplied and installed a number of this new era advertising tangent.

Like everything in advertising, only a brave few try something new and eventually all the rest follow, so why not be the first and activate your brand to another level?

Digital Print

With the latest premium machinery employed, we guarantee all print and application work 100% to meet client satisfaction. Colour is repeatedly checked and monitored every pass of the print heads by an on-board densitometer guaranteeing continuous print quality.

Digital prints have a number of strengths opoosed to screen and litho prints, there is no setup costs, no minimum quantity required, all inks have a life span of 3 years unprotected indirect sunlight, all inks are water resistant and printed work can be converted immediately after the prints exit the printing chamber, thus decreasing client turnaround times.

Litho Print

We offer full sheet(A0) and half sheet(A1) on the following applications:

  • Point of sale elements
  • Packaging elements
  • Posters and Brochures
  • Washline Banners
  • Direct Printing onto Foil Paper
  • Flexographic Printing
  • Being the only supplier to print onto LDPE, sets the bar for our client offering. Dairy Films and Labels are a common client request and we can accommodate all volumes and roll requirements as per client instructions.

    Vehicle Branding

    Ensure that your business is advertised whenever and wherever you drive, by investing in well-designed, eye-catching vehicle decals, vehicle magnets or a full impact vehicle wrap. Digital Media Operations has years of experience in car and truck decals, as well as branding on large pieces of equipment like excavators, tipper trucks and passenger busses. Our team of trained applicators and designers will make your vehicle stand out in traffic and catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike.

    Billboard & Street Pole Ads

    A lot of effort went into data pertaining to outdoor advertising. The findings of this census has concluded that the average person remembers outdoor adverts 60% more than mainstream radio or television ads. This has proven to be beneficial to all clients with outdoor billboards and street pole ads increasing their revenues. From print to flighting of your advert in a one stop shop is one of the key strengths that we have to offer all clients.

    Banners and Fence Wraps

    PVC banners with eyelets have become very popular in the industry due to the flexible nature of the material. Low volume and weight and high impact resistance together with the low cost to ship them around and multiple use without deterioration has opened the way for the humble “fence wrap” to building contractors who are now are able to wrap newly built sites at a fraction of the cost.


    Production of a number of different fabric print options via direct latex print (short term) or dye sublimation (long term) is now possible with this branding option being great due to the versatility of the material. Easy shipping because of folding and and the ability to be suited to an array of display systems (indoor and outdoor), very easily from hanging banners to teardrops gazebos or lift skirts makes the application for fabric very wide.

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